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Jay Whaley is retiring and Whaley Studios is rebranding under new owner Norma Rodriguez! Announcing the opening of SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY in January 2023

Master jeweler and goldsmith Jay Whaley, founder and owner of Whaley Studios, is retiring at the end of this year!  He welcomes new owner Norma Rodriguez to the studio.  We are looking forward to having Norma, along with her staff, teach and mentor students in the tradition of Whaley Studios. Under it’s new name – SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY, students from beginners through advanced will have a place to learn, master and expand upon classical metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques. We cover everything from basic rings to wax carving, metal casting, design and more. Students will  work in brass, copper, silver and gold, and small group classes will continue to be offered year round in a series of seven week sessions. We know Norma has plans to offer more classes at San Diego Jewelry Academy –  a big plus for those of you on the waiting list!  San Diego Jewelry Academy will continue to be located in the old Whaley Studios building in the heart of  Hillcrest!

A passionate artist and designer, Norma Rodriguez and her staff will help students realize their creative potential in her well equipped studio. SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY will continue to offer DIY Wedding Ring workshops and offer casting services on a limited basis.   We’re pleased and excited to have Norma at the helm, and embrace her creative energy as she and her talented staff provide expanded opportunities to learn and create at SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY.  

Contact us if you have questions or for more information at: info@sandiegojewelryacademy.com.  Look for links to the SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY website in the coming weeks.


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