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Class Information and Schedule

Whaley Studios no longer offers SMALL GROUP CLASSES in classic metalsmithing.

We invite you to attend 2023 classes at SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY 

SAN DIEGO JEWELRY ACADEMY will be offering classes in the old Whaley Studios location beginning January 2023.  Contact us at: info@sandiegojewelryacademy.com for more information.

 Our studio atmosphere is  fun, creative, and welcoming! Classes are designed to guide and develop the creative potential of our students. New students or those with limited prior experience will learn the basics by fabricating a sterling silver ring of their own design. You will immerse yourself in the process of classic metalsmithing by learning to alloy metal, pour an ingot, use a rolling mill, form, solder and finishing a ring of your own design. Studio safety, vocabulary and technique are taught through hands-on experience.  After your ring project is complete you may work on projects of your choice as you build your skills.

We are located in Hillcrest, San Diego. Our fully equipped studio is upstairs, air conditioned and features a large private balcony. Metered parking is available and there are pay lots nearby. Free neighborhood parking can be found a few blocks away. Class times are: 9am to Noon, 1pm to 4pm and 6pm to 9pm.  Enrollment is limited to 6 students per class.  We also offer  Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ring and Special Occasion Ring Workshops on Saturday’s for anyone seeking a more personal experience or wanting to create custom rings for their special day.  Visit our “Make Your Own Wedding Rings” page for more details.

Current students have the option to continue from session to session so we have limited availability.  Please email us at: info@sandiegojewelryacademy.com



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Small Group Classes


Small Group Classes

Class size limited to six students. Personalized instruction once a week for seven weeks in a three-hour block.


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Class Sessions for 2023 are scheduled as follows: Contact info@sandiegojewelryacademy.com for more information

Session 1 
MON Jan 2 – Feb 13
TUE Jan 3 – Feb 14
WED Jan 4 – Feb 15
THUR Jan 5 – Feb 16(Break: Feb 20 – 24 )
Session 2  
MON Feb 27 – Apr 10
TUE Feb 28 – Apr 11
WED Mar 1 – Apr 12
THUR Mar 2 – Apr 13(Break: April 17 – 21)
Session 3 
MON Apr 24 – Jun 5 (closed Memorial Day)
TUE Apr 25 – Jun 6
WED Apr 26 – Jun 7
THUR Apr 27 – Jun 8(Break: June 12 -16)
Session 4 
MON Jun 19 – July 31 (closed July 4)
TUE Jun 20 – Aug 1
WED Jun 21 – Aug 2
THUR Jun 22 – Aug 3(Break: Aug. 7 – 11)
Session 5 
MON Aug 14 – Sept 25 (closed Labor Day)
TUE Aug 15 – Sept 26
WED Aug 16 – Sept 27
THUR Aug 17 – Sept 28)(Break: Oct. 2 – 6th)
Session 6 
MON Oct 9 – Nov 27 (Closed: Thanksgiving Nov 20 – 24)
TUE Oct 10 – Nov 28
WED Oct 11  – Nov 29
THUR Oct 12 – Nov 30Session 7 TBD – Dec 4-7 and Dec 11 – 14

Student Testimonials

Whaley Studios has helped many students with their jewelry careers over the years. The focus is less about training students to become professional jewelers and more about giving people the opportunity to bring creativity and personal expression into their lives.  In a relaxed class format, that even people with busy schedules can manage, learning takes place in a fun community of others engaged in the creative process. Students gain confidence in learning new skills and taking design from conception to completion in a way they find delightful, not just with the end result but with the experiences gained along the way.
B. Wilder

Jay is the man. Seriously. A master goldsmith with the heart of a teacher. His classes are the highlight of my week. The fellow artists are really cool to hang with;  it’s just so much fun to be around people who love art.
Ahava Y.