Private Classes


Private Classes

For those who want a longer time in the studio, more intense instruction with only a few other students present, the Private Classes fulfill this need. Individual projects which are technically more involved can be developed more fully in these intimate 4 hour classes. Model-making and molds can be created to facilitate limited-edition series, or one of a kind pieces developed which are technically more advanced. More time is spent with individual class members to assure they are getting the most out of their jewelry-making experience. Fabrication of wire & sheet from poured ingots will be covered, as well as carved wax models, cutting, forming and finishing techniques.

Supplies: Metals, supplies and tools can be purchased during class time.
Duration: These classes are held for 4 hours, once a week, for 8 weeks (Summer session is 5 weeks, discounted fee).
Class size: Limited to a maximum of 4 students per class.
Experience: No previous experience required. All levels of experience are welcome!
Fee: $495.00 per student

Private Class Times (choose one):

* Monday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
* Tuesday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
* Wednesday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Please contact us if the class you desire is out of stock, we may have spaces available! Or, let us know if you want to be added to a Wait List or a future class not yet listed.


Product Description

Private Classes

For those who want a longer time in the studio and more intense instruction.

2018 Session Dates are as follows:

Session 1 (8 weeks) $495
MON Jan 8 – Feb 26
TUE Jan 2 – Feb 20
WED Jan 3 – Feb 21
THUR Jan 4 – Feb 22
(Break: Feb 27 – Mar 2)
Session 2 (8 weeks) $495
MON Mar 5 – Apr 23
TUE Mar 6 – Apr 24
WED Mar 7 – Apr 25
THUR Mar 8 – Apr 26
(Break: Apr 30 – May 4)
Session 3 (8 weeks) $495
MON May 7 – Jun 25 (Memorial Day to be made up)
TUE May 8 – Jun 26
WED May 9 – Jun 27
THUR May 10 – Jun 28
(Break: July 2 – July 6)
Session 4 SUMMER (5weeks) $310
MON July 9 – Aug 6
TUE July 10 – Aug 7
WED July 11 – Aug 8
THUR July 12 – Aug 9
(Break: Aug 13 – Aug 17)
Session 5 (8 weeks) $495
MON Aug 20 – Oct 8 (Labor Day to be made up)
TUE Aug 21 – Oct 9
WED Aug 22 – Oct 10
THUR Aug 23 – Oct 11
(Break: Oct 15 – Oct 19)
Session 6 (8 weeks) $495
MON Oct 22 – Dec 10
TUE Oct 23 – Dec 11
WED Oct 24 – Dec 12
THUR Oct 25 – Dec 13 (Thanksgiving to be made up)
(Break: Dec 17 – Jan 1)


To Register for a Class Offline, Check Availability, and/or Have Questions:

Please contact us at 619-299-9619 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank You!


There is metered street parking. There is also a paid parking lot on the corner of 6th and Robinson. Free parking is located a couple of blocks away from our studio beginning at Pennsylvania or 3rd Avenue. Street parking is free on Sundays.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • A full refund will be issued to students if a class is cancelled.
  • A full refund will be issued to students if we are notified within 7 days of the start of class. Please, no exceptions! Students may opt to receive a full studio credit in lieu of a refund.
  • Missed classes can be made up only during the class session that you have paid for. No credits will be issued in lieu of a missed class.  Please, no exceptions!
  • If students miss class due to serious illness, please contact the studio.