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Make Your Wedding Ring


Make Your Own Wedding Rings

The Perfect Way to Say “I DO”

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is one of the most memorable and fulfilling moments in a relationship. Are you looking for an experience that is intimate, and something more than the local jewelry store provides? If so, the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ring Workshop at Whaley Studios is for you!

Jay Whaley, master jeweler and goldsmith with more than 50 years experience in the industry and his wife Holly, offer a unique and special way for couples to design and make their own custom wedding rings in a single day at Whaley Studios in beautiful San Diego! No special training or skills are needed!

A Rewarding and Intimate Experience

At Whaley Studios, couples who choose the Do-It-Yourself experience are guided every step of the way from the design process to the finished piece. This is your opportunity to create unique and deeply personal custom rings, designed to mark a special and significant time in your lives! We are also happy to help you create special occasion rings! Just ask us.

Your Special Workshop Day

Your special day begins with a brief meeting where we will determine your ring size, confirm metal choice and finalize design details. We then move on to the studio portion and teach you to use centuries-old classical metalsmith techniques to create your perfect ring. Nothing here is pre-made. Couples make their custom wedding rings from scratch!

About Your Rings

Rings can be made from Platinum, 18K or 14K Yellow Gold,  Palladium White Gold or Rose Gold, or a proprietary, high-tech sterling silver. Diamonds and colored gemstones can be incorporated into your wedding ring design and add additional time, costs and outside labor to the process. These details will be discussed during your complimentary design consultation.  Scheduled workshops include time for making two wedding bands. 

The one-day Wedding Ring Workshop pricing includes the precious metal (up to 20 grams total for two rings) used to make your custom rings, uninterrupted use of our studio and equipment for the day and dedicated one-on-one guidance from master jeweler, Jay Whaley.

How To Reach Us

The workshops are scheduled on Saturdays and occasionally Sunday. For more information about our Do-It-Yourself custom Wedding Ring Workshop, to inquire about Special Occasion rings, or to schedule your complimentary consultation, discuss design options, metal choices, pricing options and ask questions, please call us at 619-299-9619 Monday thru Thursday 9am to 8pm Pacific Standard Time. OR, email us at whaleystudios@gmail.com. Feel free to include images of ideas you have about your custom design in your email; we’d love to see what you’re considering! Health and safety are very important at Whaley Studios. We require students and staff to wear masks at all times, and follow strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols. 

Wedding Ring Gallery

The rings in our gallery were made by couples who had never made rings before coming to Whaley Studios! Their designs are expressed as wedding bands made by each other (some of our clients make their own ring, and some make each other’s ring) to create custom, unique and personal rings to last a lifetime! The engagement rings in the photos below were provided by clients and the wedding bands were created here to compliment the design.


Yelp Reviews:

“My fiance’ and I came here to make our wedding rings back in July. Jay and Sunshine were amazing people who really let us make the day our own experience. There really are no words to describe what a cool experience it was making our own wedding bands….Definitely recommend this place for the experience and the fact that there is really nothing more unique than making your wedding bands from scratch.”
Katie S., San Diego, CA

“Went in to make a wedding band for my fiance’ and Jay and Sunshine were great!! Fun experience, loved being able to take part in the whole experience of taking raw materials into a beautiful ring, that looked better than the one from the high end jeweler I was previously considering! Service was fantastic and Jay was incredibly accommodating of my crazy work schedule…”
Elsie F., Charlottetown, Canada

“Fantastic wedding ring making experience. The price was on par with what we would have paid for a mass-produced ring, but my fiance got exactly what he wanted. Jay is the best teacher and he allowed us to make the ring ourselves. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Jay made sure the ring was perfect and listened to our needs. Totally relaxing day before our wedding!”
Kate V., San Diego, CA

“My fiance and I didn’t really find any store-bought rings that appealed to us, so we decided to make them here. We brought pictures and ideas, not really knowing how feasible they were. Jay was fantastic, just the perfect balance of hands on and hands off. He taught us all of what we needed to know and then let us go, keeping a close eye in case we needed extra help. He is also really personable and fun. We had a great time making each other’s rings and they are better than any picture we brought in. We are so happy with them!”
Laurin W., San Diego

“This experience has been more special than going to a jewelry store to pick out our wedding rings. Jay was a great teacher and has helped us to create the perfect wedding rings. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone looking to create a piece of memory together. Our rings mean so much more than picking them out from the store.”
Hais L., San Diego, CA

To Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation or to Set a Date for Your Personal Wedding Ring Workshop:

Please contact us at 619-299-9619 or email us at whaleystudios@gmail.com We look forward to hearing from you!